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How to Catch Your Hard to Catch Mule or Horse

In Dave’s second DVD, he will guide you through simple, easy to follow steps teaching you how to catch your mule or horse. You will be amazed and delighted to learn that you too can easily train your mule or horse with these simple methods.

Catch a hard to catch mule cover

$49.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Teaching Your Mule or Horse to Lie Down – 51 min

  • Why Have Your Horse or Mule to Lie Down
  • Training Equipment
  • Four Step Process to Teach Your Mule to Lie Down to Mount
  • The Fifth Step to Train Your Mule to Dismount

In Dave’s first DVD, he will teach you a simple four step process on how to get your mule to lie down to mount without any harsh or cruel methods.  You will see how it is done by pressure and release.

$49.95 with FREE SHIPPING


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